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Genesis 1 and 2 as a Case Study

By Steven DiMattei

Biblical scholars often talk about the necessity of reading and acknowledging the texts of the Bible on their own terms. This gets repeatedly voiced by the scholarly community because in the large majority of cases the Bible’s texts are not read on their own terms, but on the terms of their readers—that is through the assumptions and beliefs that readers bring to this collection of ancient literature, even prior to reading a single page. See complete essay

Addressing Survey Methodology in the Southern Levant

By Aaron Tavger

Surveying is one of the primary tools used in archaeological research. In recent decades, survey has been often used as a method for reconstructing the spatial history of various regions, including the southern Levant. In contrast to excavation, it provides an opportunity to collect data non-intrusively, without damaging archaeological remains, and in a relatively cheap and time-efficient manner. Survey can at times provide information that would take far too long through excavation — for example, large-scale demographic data, site sizes, and complete chronological sequences of many sites. See complete essay

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