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Can the Cenacle on Mount Zion Really be the “Upper Room” of Jesus’s Last Supper?

By David Christian Clausen

It has been known throughout history as the Coenaculum, the Cenacle, the Upper Room, and the Tomb of David but modern interest in this relatively small building on southern Mount Zion in Jerusalem began only around 1900. It was then that the German Kaiser acquired a nearby parcel of land for the construction of the Church of the Dormition to honor the assumption of Jesus’s mother Mary. See complete essay

The Scribal Background of the “Menetekel” in Daniel 5

By Holger Gzella

The imagery employed in the visions of the Book of Daniel is both grand and mysterious. These qualities have ensured it an exceptionally rich reception history in the visual arts, belletristic literature, music, systematic theology, and even contemporary political discourse. Moreover, they have triggered a long-standing scholarly debate about the relation between Daniel and its broader Ancient Near Eastern cultural backdrop. See complete essay

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