Wine Storage Room in the Canaanite Palace at Tel Kabri.
Wine Storage Room in the Canaanite Palace at Tel Kabri.

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The Blank Canvas

By Lauren Ingeno

Inside the ruins of a Canaanite palace, an international team had unexpectedly uncovered a three-foot-long ceramic jar on day two of a six-week expedition in northern Israel. A few more days of digging revealed that the room held 39 others, delicate and cracked but mostly intact. Then the summer 2013 excavation turned into a frenzied race against time. See complete essay

Why Is There a Bible and What Do Women Have To Do With It? Gender, Ben Sira, and the Canon

By Claudia V. Camp

Once there was no Bible. Then there was. How did that happen? Of course, the Bible did not just drop down from the sky (or get carved on a rock) one day. So the question is far more complicated than I’ve just made it look. See complete essay

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Notes on Eric H. Cline, 1177: The Year Civilization Collapsed

By Niels Peter Lemche

The impression you get from the article which Eric Cline has published in Bible and Interpretation is that the appearance of Israel is a major theme in Eric’s book. As a matter of fact it is not. The exodus is discussed in a short paragraph (pp. 89-96) in combination with a general review of the historical developments in the Eastern Mediterranean in the 13th century B.C.E. See complete essay

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