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Babatha: The Ancient Jewish Woman About Whom We Know Most

By Philip F. Esler

It is the last year of the revolt of Shim‘on ben Kosiba (also known as Bar Kokhba) against Rome (135 CE by our reckoning). A group of his Jewish supporters have taken refuge from the Romans in a cave high up the sheer face of a cliff in a wadi running into the Dead Sea a little south of En-Gedi. Among them is the woman Babatha, daughter of Shim‘on ben Menahem. See complete essay

Can Any Good Thing Come From Nazareth? The Childhood Home of Jesus

By Paul Anderson

The third episode of CNN’s second season on Finding Jesus focuses on Nazareth, the childhood home of Jesus. Similar to the previous subjects treated, this episode begins with references to places and persons in the Gospels, followed by the latest archaeological findings and comments by articulate scholars and religious leaders. See complete essay

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