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The Connection of the James Ossuary to the Talpiot (Jesus Family Tomb) Ossuaries

Each of the examined caves and each cave’s associated ossuaries in the Jerusalem area, exhibit in their patinas a unique elemental fingerprint. The patina of the unprovenanced James Ossuary exhibits geochemical fingerprints consistent with the patinas of the Talpiot ossuaries. This strengthens the contention that James Ossuary belong to the assemblage of the Talpiot ossuaries.

By A. Rosenfeld
Geological Survey of Israel,
Jerusalem, Israel

C. Pellegrino
Time Gate, Inc.,
Long Beach, N.Y.

H. R. Feldman
The Anna Ruth and Mark Hasten School,
Touro College, Division of Paleontology, N.Y.
American Museum of Natural History,

W.E.K. Krumbein
Department of Geomicrobiology, ICBM,
Carl von Ossietzky Universitaet, Oldenburg,
May 2011

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