Teaching the Historical Jesus

Teaching the Historical Jesus.

Jesus The Jew No One Knows

Jesus The Jew No One Knows.

Meidum pyramid from the South.
Meidum pyramid.

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Genre Matters: What Kind of Bioi are the Canonical Gospels?

By Justin Marc Smith

The title of this essay has two meanings. The first is simply that this essay intends to take into account the role and importance of genre in reading and interpreting texts. In this case, genre matters as it relates to the interpretation and purpose of the canonical gospels. See complete essay

Tel Burna – The Late Bronze And Iron Age Remains After Five Seasons

By Chris McKinny, Deborah Cassuto, and Itzhaq Shai

Tel Burna is located in the Judean Shephelah on the northern bank of the Nahal Guvrin and is surrounded by archaeological tells which have long been a focal point of interest for archaeologists and historical geographers of the Bronze and Iron Ages in the southern Levant. See complete essay

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The James Ossuary in Talpiot : More about Probability

By Jerry Lutgen

In “The James Ossuary in Talpiot” it was estimated that the a posteriori probability of the Talpiot tomb being that of the Jesus family is 47%, if we consider Yoseh to be a rare name and 3% if we assume Yoseh to be a variant of Joseph. See complete essay

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