Church of the Holy Sepulcher.
Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

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Why a New Bible Encyclopedia? Gender Matters

By Julia M. O’Brien

Of the making of Bible encyclopedias (and dictionaries and handbooks and annotated Bibles) there seems to be end. The New Oxford Annotated Bible is currently in its 4th edition; DeGruyter Press’ recent The Bible and its Reception series includes an encyclopedia, handbooks, and a journal; and Oxford University Press is currently issuing several new series of encyclopedias and handbooks. See complete essay

Placing the Past: On Writing a History of “David’s Jerusalem”

By Daniel Pioske

The history of “David’s Jerusalem” is something more than a history of an early 10th century BCE location situated in the highlands of the southern Levant. Of course, a history devoted to David’s Jerusalem necessarily includes a study of this particular settlement by virtue of the connection made in the Hebrew Bible between this place and the figure of David and the chronology this affiliation presupposes. See complete essay

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Survey on Field Safety: Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean Basin

By Beth Alpert Nakhai

Stories about romantic escapades on archaeological excavations are legend, as anyone who has worked on a dig can surely attest. We have all heard about happy relationships that began in the field and thrived for decades. But as we also know, excavation lore contains stories of other kinds of “relationships,” as well. See complete essay

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