Western Wall Plaza in Jerusalem.
Western Wall Plaza in Jerusalem.

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Retrieving the Voices of Women

By Joy A. Schroeder

Women have been interpreters of scripture for more than two thousand years. Until recently, however, scholars have paid relatively little attention to the work of females who wrote before the late twentieth century. Apart from the occasional mention of The Woman’s Bible (1895-1898), edited by suffragist Elizabeth Cady Stanton, there is often little notice of women’s contributions ... See complete essay

The Sect of the Qumran Texts and its Leading Role in the Temple in Jerusalem During Much of the First Century BCE: Toward a New Framework for Understanding (Part III)

By Greg Doudna

There is no evidence within the Qumran texts that Davidic messianism functioned with anti-Hasmonean intent as sometimes supposed. The pro-Hasmonean text 1 Maccabees cites and praises the biblical promise to David of everlasting royal rule for his descendants (1 Macc. 2:57), part of what William Horbury characterizes as a general “presentation in 1 Maccabees of Hasmonean achievements as Davidic” (2003: 49). See complete essay

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Amnon Rosenfeld-In Memoriam (1944-2014)

By Howard R. Feldman

It was with shock and great sadness that I heard from my colleagues about Amnon and his wife Tami's terrible accident and his passing. We are hoping for Tami’s speedy recovery and our prayers are with her. See complete essay

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