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View of Wadi el-Yabis Near Jabesh-Gilead.
Wadi el-Yabis Near Jabesh-Gilead.

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Marcion and the Idea of Heresy

By Judith Lieu

The name ‘Marcion’ probably evokes two responses from many, at least within Christian circles. One will be ‘heresy’, assumed to be in principle a bad thing but by definition something that is rarely explained. The other will be ‘the rejection of the Old Testament’; indeed, charges of ‘Marcionism’ are regularly laid when the Old Testament is ignored, whether deliberately or simply in practice (such as the omission of the Old Testament reading in favour of those from the Gospel and Epistles, or the failure to preach on it), or when it is down-graded and ascribed less authority or even held to proclaim an inferior understanding of God. See complete essay

Biblical Archaeology: The Hydra of Palestine’s History

By Thomas L. Thompson

In a presentation of “expert opinions” in the article “Biblical Archaeology” in Wikipedia, both William Dever and Israel Finkelstein are cited - along with Ze’ev Herzog - as clearly distancing themselves from Albrightean “biblical archaeology”—a theologically apologetic discourse on the use of Palestinian archaeology in support of the historicity of biblical narrative, which, until the mid-1970s, had dominated Old Testament studies. At least, Dever and Finkelstein are represented as distancing themselves from “biblical archaeology”, insofar as it relates to the stories of the patriarchs, of an exodus from Egypt, a conquest under Joshua and, in the case of Finkelstein and Herzog, a “united monarchy” and a “temple of Solomon”. See complete essay

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