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Jesus Was Not Against Imperialism: New Testament Ethics as an Imperialist Project

By Hector Avalos

In a well-known postcolonialist tome, The Empire Writes Back: Theory and Practice in Postcolonial Literatures (1989), Bill Ashcroft and his coauthors observe that the British empire is now largely defunct, but “cultural hegemony has been maintained through canonical assumptions about literary activity, and through attitudes toward postcolonial literature which identify them as off-shoots of English literature.” See complete essay

How to Read the Bible?

By Alan T. Levenson

In a brief and brilliant essay, the late David C. Steinmetz, an expert on the Protestant Reformation, wrote a spirited defense of the superiority of Pre-Critical Exegesis.1 Steinmetz attacked the historical-critical method, with its agenda of discovering the original meaning of the prophet or evangelist as reductionist and obtuse regarding the nature of a text. 2 Steinmetz wrote, “I entirely agree that the Bible should be read like any other text. The question is, how does one read a test?" See complete essay

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