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How the Rabbis Adapted Roman Culture to Create Judaism as We Know It

By Burton L. Visotzky

When the Romans destroyed Jerusalem bringing to an end the Jewish rebellion of 66-70 CE, they also brought an end to the sacrificial cult centered in the Second Temple and its priesthood. Inadvertently, Rome served as a midwife to the emergence of rabbinic Judaism, providing not only opportunity, but also the cultural milieu for Judaism to grow and flourish. See complete essay

Judges 21 and Marriage by Capture

By Katherine Southwood

What does the Hebrew Bible have to say about marriage? Even a cursory glance by any reader will expose a range of voices and perspectives within the material. One oddity is Judges 21 where, it seems, we have an example of marriage by capture. Of course, an immediate problem with this statement is the question “What is marriage by capture”? See complete essay

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