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The Promises and Perils of Using the Bible in Political Discourse

By Daniel L. Dreisbach

From John Winthrop’s “city on a hill” speech in 1630 to twenty-first-century presidential inaugural addresses, the Bible has featured prominently in American political rhetoric. Some of the most celebrated wordsmiths and orators in American political history, including Daniel Webster, Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Ronald Reagan, have woven biblical language and themes into the fabric of their public pronouncements. They have appealed to the Bible for a variety of reasons. See complete essay

The Consortium for the Bethsaida Excavation Project: Report on the 2016 Excavation Season

By Rami Arav, et al.

The 2016 excavation season at Bethsaida took place during May 22nd – June 4th; June 12th - June 25th; June 26th - July 9th. Eighty faculty, students and volunteers joined the three sessions of the season. The expedition was hosted in Ginosar Village, Kibbutz Ginosar. We are very grateful for the kind and efficient hospitality Ginosar team and members, provides us for more than 22 years. See complete essay

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