Nahal Nekarot on Spice Route.
Nahal Nekarot on Spice Route.

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Paul, a Jew from Jerusalem

Michael L. Satlow

Few important figures from antiquity are as frustratingly elusive as Paul. His seven surviving letters (Romans, First Corinthians, Second Corinthians, Galatians, First Thessalonians, Philippians, and Philemon, with scholars divided about the authenticity of Colossians and Second Thessalonians), probably written in the 50’s CE, have left a tangled theological legacy over which Christians have fought for nearly two millennia. See complete essay

The Ten Commandments in the Medieval Schools

By Lesley Smith

There was surprisingly little discussion of the ten commandments in the period between Augustine of Hippo (d. 430) and the schools that grew up in twelfth-century Paris, which specialised in teaching the Bible and theology. It may have been that Augustine was thought to have covered the subject; or ... See complete essay

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Survey on Field Safety: Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean Basin

By Beth Alpert Nakhai

Stories about romantic escapades on archaeological excavations are legend, as anyone who has worked on a dig can surely attest. We have all heard about happy relationships that began in the field and thrived for decades. But as we also know, excavation lore contains stories of other kinds of “relationships,” as well. See complete essay

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