The main colonnaded street of Hippos-Sussita.
The main colonnaded street of Hippos-Sussita, the Decumanus Maximus.

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Jesus Before Pilate: What’s Wrong with This Picture?

By Gary Greenberg

Despite many interesting and intriguing differences among the gospels in their respective accounts of what happened when Jesus came before Pilate, they all share a common template. In each version: ... See complete essay

Dangerous Sisters in the Hebrew Bible

By Amy Kalmanofsky

For good reason, sisters and their stories seem superfluous to the Bible’s central story and to the world it reflects. Sisters and daughters maintained a precarious position within the Israelite family. Two customs ensured a young woman’s marginal position within her natal family. See complete essay

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A New Critical Edition of the Hebrew Bible

By Ronald Hendel

Recently the SBL announced its sponsorship of a new text-critical project, “The Hebrew Bible: A Critical Edition,” of which I am the general editor. The HBCE represents a new model for a critical edition of the Hebrew Bible, although it will be generally familiar to scholars who use critical editions of other ancient works such as the Septuagint or New Testament. See complete essay

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